First off, I had a full sized American Breakfast at my local cafe. HUGE! Would have been easier to pay the $12 and get hotel food delivered to the room, but it sorts of defeats the object of getting to know the people & area. Sat down to plan the day.

Earlier in the week, I asked my Twitter people to recommend exhibitions in NYC. Mr Wayne Ford, told me about a book signing & talk by Japanese photographer Eikoh Hosoe. I Immediately knew the artist, ‘Ordeal of Roses’ contains one of my favourite photographs. The first time I saw it in 2008. I’m not making this up! Here is the blog post. So my plan was to go and see if I could get a portrait.

Blog: November 22nd 2008 – London Trip/V&A/National portrait gallery/ photographers gallery

If you want to go. The Aperture Gallery is in Chelsea between 10th & 11th, 27th st. A fair walk from 34th st or 23rd st stations.
The talk was between 6 & 8pm.

This morning we decided to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art aka ‘the Met’. At the same time time, continue my primary objective which was to shoot on the street, today around Central Park/5th ave.

The Met has a great section on Photographers I have studied about, which makes visiting these institutions all the more poignant.
I Immediately recognised the work of Chuck Close, seeing the work in the ‘Real world’ as opposed to Virtual is a great experience I’m blessed to have the opportunity. I am 6’2″, So you can see the scale of the work. Chuck Close paints from photographs, long before you could simply press a button on Photoshop filters!

The Met also has a small collection of works by Atget, Tillmans, Man Ray, Julia Cameron, Anish Kapoor, Damien Hirst, Dorothea Lange, Friedlander, Pollock, Jasper Johns, are the names I recognised and many more. The Friedlander stood out, genius.
I won’t go through all of them here.

Outside the gallery, I met the Acapella Soul group, the lead singer that day had something about him, so made a portrait.

After a few hours shooting in the Park, I went back and got ready for the talk by Eikoh Hosoe.

The talk was brilliant, I learnt about how his early work inspired and led to the creation of my favourite ba-ra-kei / ordeal by roses Image. The contrasty high-key printing reminded me of William Klein. The relationship of Eikoh with the writer Yukio Mishima was fascinating, and the story behind the images interesting. The latter’s suicide overshadowing the true meaning of the dream-like photographic work. As I approached Eikoh, there were a couple of trendy looking photographers who also wanted to take a portrait with their Rolleiflex’s, I always try to think outside the box, decided to get my body signed, then photograph myself as the portrait of the Eikoh. The ideas behind this are beyond the scope of this blog.

I walked back to MSG along 34th, 10av the area was great for night shooting, although I had to improvise a tripod.

New York is the city that doesn’t sleep, bit like me.
So, in the evening I went to Sounds of Brazil club at Houston St, then the Meatpacking District and stayed in Williamsburg.
An area that’s ‘done a SoHo’ and become gentrified in recent years, and as you’d expect higher property prices.
My friend’s colleague is a model and It was interesting to hear about the life of the NY model and look at portfolios in the early hours.
Quite Surreal.